About B+M

Bricks + Mortar is motivated by a love of historic preservation.

I find myself constantly inspired by the work of fellow preservationists. (They are the most creative, adaptable, innovative and tireless folks!)

And I am ever astonished by the endless ways historic preservation affects our lives. It is so much more than “building hugging.”*

Sometimes it feels like HP has a finger in every pie: economic growth, community, place memory, culture, architectural history, heritage, positive growth, design, heritage, archeology, adaptive reuse, land conservation, landscapes, urban planning, archives, museums, government policy (at the local, state and federal level), tourism… I could go on indefinitely!
Bricks + Mortar is a place for me to share my love of preservation.Β  Here you will find what inspires me. Success stories and stories of failure. Interesting ideas and concepts. Stories of preservation people and the work they do. Beautiful places.Β  And Kentucky.

*Building hugging, like tree hugging, is a derogatory term that refers to the support of restrictions against the demolition of historic buildings.


  1. cyrusofsol

    Historical Peservation is a very big deal in UK, of course. I was born and raised in York, so… HP affects (verb) our lives. It has a generally good effect (noun). To effect (verb) this effect (noun) is a good work to do. Wait a minute. Have I got it all wrong…?

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