the picture

cincinnati skyline

Looking through some older photographs, I came across this guy.  I took it a few years ago in a park in Northern Kentucky overlooking the Covington and Cincinnati skylines. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of the park. Google maps and landmarks narrowed down my choices, but I was still at a loss. Finally, I sent the photo to a friend who grew up in the area. He recognized the view almost instantly.

And that is the power of place.  All the elements built along the river over decades come together just so  – it’s such a unique massing of buildings, structures, and landscape (historic and modern) that my friend not only recognized the skyline, but he knew the photo could only have been snapped from Devou Park, which is nestled high in the hills overlooking downtown Covington, the Ohio River, and Cincinnati.

What are some some of the elements that make your city or region instantly recognizable?



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