The Kaintuckeean Reviews George Ella Lyon’s “Many Storied House”

Today’s post comes to us from Peter Brackney of The Kaintuckeean. Peter is actually a native Ohioan. Since the age of six, Peter has called Kentucky home. He is a double alumnus of the University of Kentucky. He practices law in Lexington and lives in Nicholasville with his family. His blog, The Kaintuckeean, shines a spotlight on all things Kentucky – history, architecture, traditions, and contemporary issues. Below is a review of Kentucky poetess George Ella Lyon’s most recent collection, Many-Storied House, in which she explores sixty-eight years of place memory.

many storied houseIn Many-Storied House, George Ella Lyon recalls with great emotion yet simple words her formative and adult years through the lens of her homeplace in Harlan, Kentucky. The house was built by her grandfather and it was here that she packed up her memories after her mother’s death.

We’ve all heard and probably used the phrase “if these walls could talk” before in terms of a property of either historic or personal significance.

Well, Lyon makes the walls of 108 First Street talk. Room by room (a floorplan for each of the two levels is provided), stories are told making the house into a home. In the end, we all feel “at home” in this place.

There’s more! Keep reading…


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