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One of the most famous sets of ghost signs in the US are from the National Biscuit Company’s Uneeda Biscuit advertising campaign ca. 1910.

Before Uneeda Biscuit,  soda crackers were packaged and shipped in big barrels. At the store, customers would fill up a bag with as many unbroken crackers as they could find – freshness not guaranteed. Uneeda Biscuits were the first soda crackers that were wrapped in a special protective pouch that sealed in the flavor and freshness and prevented the crackers from breaking. With this in mind, the National Biscuit Company (now known as Nabisco) advertised the Uneeda Biscuit brand with a million-dollar advertising campaign.

Thousands of buildings across the country were painted with the words “Uneeda Biscuit – The Perfect Soda Cracker.” The campaign was so successful, the signs were repainted again and again. Today, many of those signs are still visible, even though Uneeda Biscuit ceased production in the early 2000s.

This sign, found on Short St. in Lexington, KY looks as if it was altered from “The Perfect Soda Cracker” to “The Natural Soda Cracker” at some point, but if you look closely you can see the P is bleeding through the N!



  1. Rowbear

    I was reading some work of history that briefly talked about Uneeda Biscuit in the past week but now I don’t remember why.

    • bricksandmortarpreservation

      I didn’t realize it was a national campaign, even though I’ve seen this one hundreds of times, until I saw a photo of a Uneeda Biscuit ghost sign in upstate New York on a blog that collects photos of ghost signs. I was so surprised!

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