Bricks + Mortar @ HISTPRES!

I am super excited to announce that today you’ll find Bricks + Mortar over at HISTPRES! This is just the start of what I’m hoping will be a long and fruitful collaboration. HISTPRES curates opportunities, stories, and news for preservationists.

The portico and collegiate tudor addition were built in 1926.

The impressive First African Baptist Church in Lexington, KY was built when most of its congregation was held in slavery.

This month, African American history and the Civil Rights Movement have been headlining the news thanks to the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s pivotal “I Have a Dream” speech.

Before it was an organized movement with leaders like King, communities of people were quietly working in cities and towns across the country to advance the rights of minorities. In Lexington, Kentucky the First African Baptist Church organized to support the faith of enslaved people in area. It grew to become a powerful force in the African American community that provided education, entertainment and faith-based services.

Jump over to HISTPRES to learn more about the congregation and the magnificent church they built as monument to their faith and their strength before the Civil War gave them freedom and before the Civil Rights Movement gave them hope for equality.

The First African Foundation is currently battling to to purchase, rehabilitate and reopen the building so that it can once again serve the greater community.


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