the picture

Bricks + Mortar is introducing a new series, the picture. As a photography enthusiast and a preservationist, I have hundreds if not thousands of photos of historic places, landscapes and well… old stuff. And they need a home!  Inspired by other photo series around the blogosphere, I think the picture is just the place for them to live.


This abandoned house in Cadentown is home to groundhog! See him at the edge of the front porch?

The only resident of this abandoned house in Cadentown, an historically black Hamlet in Lexington, Kentucky, is a groundhog. He lives under the front porch. The stand of day lilies suggest a time when this home was loved and maintained. Just around the corner sits a Rosenwald School (in use from 1922-1947). (Unfortunately, the school sits behind the former Cadentown Baptist Church, which blocks the view of the school from the road so I don’t have any photos).

Cadentown was established after the Civil War as a settlement for freed slaves.  In recent years, urban development has encroached upon this once rural district. It is now just a stone’s throw from Hamburg Pavilion, one of Lexington’s largest commercial centers with over 1 million square feet of retail space.  This house sits in the path of a popular shortcut between Hamburg and a traffic-ridden thoroughfare and every time I pass it, I catch myself rubbernecking to see if there are any signs that someone might be rehabbing the property – which is how I happened to notice the house’s newest resident.  I think I’ll call him Caleb the Cadentown Groundhog. What do think?

Do you know any more about this house? About the Cadentown Rosenwald School? About Cadentown itself? Leave a comment!

Nota Bene: I ran across some more photos of this house yesterday. Turns out there are TWO groundhogs living under the front porch. Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Groundhog of Cadentown?


    • bricksandmortarpreservation

      Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback! PiP’s series was definitely an inspiration for the picture. Her blog is SO good. also does a really cool photo series, but with a Throw Back Thursday spin – they are all historical photos of places in Ky! It’s really neat!

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