Paranormal Preservation: Waverly Hills Update

Last fall in the lead up to Halloween, I wrote about the ever fascinating Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky – one of the most haunted sites in America. At the time, the old hospital’s future was in limbo.

Waverly Hills Exterior 1927. The old building will make a beautiful hotel and convention center.

An $18 million adaptive reuse development was planned to convert the the former sanitarium into a four star hotel, but the economic downturn put the plans on hold indefinitely.  In the meantime, the old hospital was maintained by funds generated from paranormal tours.   About 10,000 people visited the site each year between 2007 (when they began) and today.  The $22 tour revenue was used to to improve the old hospital, including installing windows, doors and a new roof, as well as upgrading mechanical systems.

This open air porch will make a lovely place to linger on a sunny warm day once the hospital is converted into a hotel.

Late last week, reports out of Louisville  revealed that new plans for Waverly Hills are taking shape. Owners Charlie and Tina Mattingly filed a zoning request to convert Waverly Hills into a 120-room hotel, office space, conference center, restaurant and liquor-bottling business! The Mattinglys also want to include a museum-style exhibit focusing on the old hospital.

A more recent photograph showing sign of deterioration.

But don’t make your reservations just yet! There are still a number of obstacles to clear.  The Mattinglys currently have no other investors and need  millions in tax breaks, grants and financial incentives to complete the project.

If you have a few million to spare and would like to be an investor in this project, get on the horn! If not, you can just cross your fingers like me, and hope that some day soon Waverly Hills will be the host to guests, conventions and hungry diners as well as the ghost for which it is so famous! (However, I might leave the over night stays to those braver than I!)

Photograph of a female phantom. I would hate to wake in the middle of the night to this! Image via

* All images via the University of Louisville Digital Collection unless otherwise noted.

Learn more about Waverly Hills, its facility,  TB treatments, patients and haunting here!


One comment

  1. ghostbusterbev

    Wow, that’s an amazing photo of a female spirit caught on camera! I once stayed overnight in the Carlton County Jail in Ottawa – considered to be one of the 10 most haunted places in the world. I was doing research for a book but didn’t know when I made arrangements to stay overnight that I would be the only person (other than the spirits) sleeping on the ninth floor! It was an interesting experience!

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