Preservation Is…

When it is good, this is a city of fantastic strength, sophistication and beauty. It is like no other city in time or place. Visitors and even natives rarely use the words urban character or environmental style, but that is what they are reacting to with awe in the presence of massed, concentrated, steel, stone, power and life.”

-Ada Louise Huxtable, pioneer of architectural criticism, Pulitzer Prize winner, historic preservationist


“Ada Louise Huxtable, with Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, in 1970, when she won the first Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.” Image via NYT

Huxtable died yesterday, 7 January 2013, at the age of 91.  Her last column “Undertaking Its Destruction” about the fate of the New York Public Library’s stacks was published on December 3 in The Journal.  It was featured by Bricks + Mortar in last week’s “This Week” post.

Quote via The New York Times


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