2012 Preservation Successes – A Year End List


Phillip 66 Gas Station. Image via NBC

One of my favorite things about the end of the year are all the great year-end lists and countdowns. You can find a year-end list for just about anything, be it the best or the worst of its kind.

Recently, the National Trust for Historic Preservation shared its top preservation wins of 2012 with NBC and Curbed. (They shared the losses too, but I prefer to focus on the positive as we move into the new year). When compiled, there are more than a dozen remarkable success stories from 2012!

According to the trust, all of the places represented on the list were threatened in some way, “whether it was demolishing them or (fearing they would) fail and maybe they wouldn’t be preserved – and essentially, they ended up being maintained or restored.

Among the buildings saved this year were a UFO shaped gas station in St. Louis and a mystical rock pillar in Colorado.   Check out the full list below!


Chimney Rock. Image via Wikipedia

Cesar Chávez National Monument – Keene, CA

Howard Theatre – Washington, DC

Michigan Bell Building – Detroit, MI

‘The Flying Saucer’ Phillips 66 Gas Station – St. Louis, MO

Chimney Rock National Monument – Pagosa Springs, CO

Pillsbury A Mill – Minneapolis, Minn.

Los Angeles Boyle Hotel – Los Angeles, CA

Emerson School – Denver, CO

Wake Forest Biotech Place – Winston Salem, NC

Hotel Lafayette – Buffalo, N.Y.

McDougal Tract at Gaines’ Mill – Mechanicsville, VA

AAA Building – St. Louis, MO

La Concha Motel Lobby – Las Vegas, NV

Ames Shovel Shop – North Easton, MA


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