This Week

A weekly round-up of my favorite preservation related stories from around the web and in the news.

A Love Letter to Buffalo

Lafayette Square, Buffalo NY 1910. Image via Rootsweb

One woman’s story about loving and leaving Buffalo, New York, a city that has struggled to remain a float in these economically troubled times.

Witch Door?

Did you know that a door with a capital ‘X’ on its lower panel is called a “witch door” and that the “X” was thought to ward off evil spirits? Me either! Jump over to MissPres’ word of the week to learn more about the Witch Door.

Star Wars and Dominoes

R2D2. Image via NerdAlert

This week, Star Wars action figures and dominoes were added to the National Toy Hall of Fame. “What we play with,” said Gomez, “provides context to the society in which we grew up.”

Dead Man’s Clothes

Image via KHS

Construction near the campus of Eastern Kentucky University recently uncovered a 19th century sarcophagus.  The Kentucky Historical Society was about to date the remains to around 1845 by examining the clothing  recovered from the sarcophagus. The remains were re-interred at a local ceremony. The clothes remain in the archives of the KHS.  Students from nearby Madison Southern High School delved into EKU’s archive, and  believe the remains may be those of  Samuel Stone, whose father owned the property.

Kosovo Proposes Special Police Unit to Protect Serbian Religious and Cultural Sites

Last week, Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister of the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo, proposed a plan to form a special Kosovo Police unit, comprised of mainly Serbs, tasked with guarding Serbian religious and cultural heritage sites in Kosovo. Both governments, along with EU representatives who facilitated discussions, agreed that the protection of Serbia’s cultural and religious sites — currently considered at risk due to war and conflict — is one of the most important issues in the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue.


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