Preservation in Blogland

Here are few of my favorite preservation related posts from around blogland this week.

  • Don’t miss Tom King’s delightfully frank comments on the Department of Interior’s “Listening Sessions.”  King never hedges –  his cutting and brutally intelligent arguments never fail to make you stop and think about a topic.   This week he discusses the battle between the DOI and Native Americans over “sacred sites.”


Tom King's CRM Plus


  • A Frank Lloyd Wright house in Arizona is in danger of demolition.  Designed for Wright’s son, David, the house features a unique concrete facade and shares the same spiral concept as the Guggenheim. The National Trust for Historic Preservation spotlighted the house and efforts to save it on their blog, Preservation Nation.


  • The brutal conflict taking place in Syria has dominated news headlines for months.  In the last few weeks, reports have slightly shifted focus from political disarray and lives lost to the destruction of Syria’s infrastructure and its cultural heritage sites. The Global Heritage Fund has published several posts on their blog, Heritage on the Wire, highlighting damage done in Aleppo and other cities. This week, they published a story applauding the contributions of Emma Cunliffe, a 2010 Global Heritage Preservation Fellow, to the discussion.  Of Cunliffe, the GHF wrote,”This year, she has shown the world that even in the wake of human tragedy, cultural heritage must not be forgotten.”


  • This week on his blog, Time Tells, Vince Michael and  Dr. Anthea Hartig, Executive Director of the California Historical Society answer the provocative question:  “What is a Historical Society in the 21st Century?”  They break it down by subject: society (aren’t we all one society?), archives and artifacts (how are they used?),  exhibits and eduction (they make people care), preservation (collections and historic buildings often come as a packaged deal, but they aren’t necessarily good for each other), and place (most historical societies are place-based). Michael’s thoughtful blog never fails to impress and inspire.




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